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Top tips to help prevent storm damage this winter

  • Check the condition of your roof. Have any loose or damaged roof tiles, slates or ridge tiles replaced. Any minor damage can allow wind to penetrate during storm conditions and result in severe storm damage to your roof.
  • Clear your gutters of any debris and check that they are securely attached to help prevent damage in high winds or storm conditions.
  • If you have a flat roof or a felt roof have it checked and repair any minor damage. You should check your insurance policy regarding any conditions that apply to flat roofs.
  • Make any necessary repairs to the lead flashings to prevent water penetration and further damage to the lead flashings during storm conditions.
  • Have any trees in close proximity to buildings checked to ensure they are sound and remove any overhanging branches.
  • Make sure that any garden furniture is put away and stored securely. Trampolines should be dismantled and stored away or securely anchored to the ground. Anything that might be blown around in high winds should be secured to prevent damage and flying debris.

In the unfortunate event that you should suffer Storm Damage despite any prevention measures you may put in place, please contact Premium Clams Consultants on 061-311266 and we will help you with your claim and will ensure that you are fully compensated for any losses.

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