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With the torrential rain we have experienced over the last few days and more forecast in the coming days unfortunately many people will inevitably be subjected to flooding. If you are fortunate enough to have flood cover under your buildings insurance policy your insurance company should cover you for the flood damage.

However it is very important to get advice from your Loss Assessor prior to making your flood damage claim as insurers will thoroughly investigate all claims including looking back at the information provided at policy inception to see if the claim can be avoided. Insurers will have qualified experts dealing with the claim on their behalf and it can be dangerous to try to negotiate your way through the claim process without the help of your own experts.

Your Loss Assessor should be registered by the Central Bank of Ireland and should be suitably qualified. As Professional Loss Assessors you can be assured that when you choose Premium Claims Consultants to handle your flood claim under your insurance policy it will be dealt with in an, efficient, timely and professional manner resulting in the best outcome for you.

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