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Why a loss assessor?

The sole purpose of taking out an insurance policy is to protect yourself against an insured event arising such as a fire or an escape of water.  Therefore when you make a claim on your policy you have a legitimate expectation that you will be indemnified for your loss.

The Insurance Company will naturally try to limit their exposure to the loss and will appoint a Loss Adjuster or handler to look after the insurance claim on their behalf. These are normally highly trained claims professionals whose job it is to look after the interests of the insurance company.

We often hear people say what great advice and how helpful the insurance company appointed loss adjuster sometimes called the  insurance adjuster has been but while they are trained and experienced professionals you must remember they act for the insurance company and are paid by the Insurance Company and must answer to the insurance company and will not therefore be looking out for you.

It is only common sense that you should hire your own qualified, experienced and professional Loss Assessor to look after your insurance claim. Your Loss Assessor will prepare and negotiate the Insurance Claim on your behalf and ensure that everything you are entitled to claim is included. At Premium Claims Consultants we will at all times act in your best interest and work to ensure the optimum outcome to the Insurance Claim from your point of view.

At Premium Claims Consultants we will always fight to ensure that you get the best outcome to your insurance claim so you can get your home, or investment property or business back to normal with the minimum of fuss.
Whether it’s a fire insurance claim in Clare or a flood claim in Limerick or an escape of water in Tipperary as your Professional Loss Assessors Premium Claims Consultants will ensure that your best interests are looked after at every step of the claims process to ensure that you fully recover the value of your loss under your policy.

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