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Domestic oil leaks are often a hidden hazard for the homeowner and can cause damage that may not become apparent  for some time after the initial oil leak.

Oil leaks from split oil tanks, a leaking oil burner or oil line are more common than you might think and often go undetected for a protracted period allowing the oil plume to spread.Domestic heating oil will quickly soak into the soil and make its way into nearby structures including the house itself.

Often the oil spill is undetected until the oil plume has impacted the dwelling house or outbuildings making clean up much more complicated. The good news is that your loss assessor will normally be able to direct you to a reputable oil clean up specialist who can advise on the extent of the problem and outline a scope of works.

In addition, your loss assessor will be able to organise your insurance claim and ensure that both the oil remediation and builders work get the proper focus as part of your insurance claim. Premium Claims Consultants provide a specialist oil spill service and will carry out an initial inspection free of charge and will arrange for oil spill specialists to carry out a survey to establish the extent of the spill.

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