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With the torrential rain and storm conditions over the last week and more forecast in the coming days unfortunately many people will inevitably be subjected to flooding and storm damage to their homes and businesses.

The first step in the aftermath of the storm is to make sure that everyone is safe and take any necessary steps to prevent injury to people or further damage to property.

However as soon as possible you should contact your loss assessor to have an assessment of the damage carried out whether the damage is a result of the storm or flood.

Premium Claims Consultants will over next few days be helping many victims of storm Desmond in Clare, Limerick, Kerry, Galway and Tipperary.

We will carry out an assessment of the damage immediately and handle the entire claim from initial reporting to insures, including preparation of claim papers,  all negotiations with insurers through to finalising of the settlement.

At all times we represent the customer and work to ensure that the final settlement is the optimum one.

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