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Storm Damage Claims

Dealing with Storm Damage Claims

We are committed to dealing with all claims quickly and efficiently to ensure that the customer has the best possible experience of the claims process.

Once you notify us of your damage we will arrange a mutually convenient appointment and quickly assess the extent of the damage, notify the claim to insurers and comence the claims process. We will handle all communications with the insurance company representatives and accompany them on their visit to your property.

Premium Claims Consultants will always represent your best interests and will work to ensure that you receive fair and reasonable compensation for your loss whether it is a result of storm damage, water damage, fire damage or any cause giving rise to an insurance claim.

In the immediate aftermath of the storm damaged roofs should be temporarily repaired if possible to prevent water damage, until such time as permanent repairs can be carried out. Extreme care shoud be taken when accessing roofs to repair storm damage particularly in windy conditions. You should ensure that health and safety is paramount for you, your family and contractors/tradesmen working on your damaged roof.

What often appears to be minor storm damage can get considerably worse over the following days paritcularly if more high winds or heavy rainfall follow.

Contact us now on 061 311266 or 065 6844311 and we will arrange to inspect your damage and handle the whole insurance claims process from reporting the damage to your insurance company to finalising your insurance claim.


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